This map reveals each kharakter’s gemstone and herb. Which kharakter are you? Take the quiz to find out, or read descriptions of each below…

  • Mage


    The mage is the most magical of all the kharakters (except possibly the witch). At the top levels, the mage is curious, enlightened and very powerful. He or she is able to absorb and heal the pain of others. The mage loves complex art, music and literature. He or she may journey to the Underworld in search of answers to the deep questions of his or her friends or community.

    Main boon: Athame

    Special abilities include: Mind reading, remote viewing, travel to the Underworld

    Main location: Underworld

    Gemstone: Diamond (higher levels only) or black onyx

    An activity to develop your power: Listen to a Beethoven piano sonata

  • Witch


    The witch is a feminine figure, although not all witches are women. She (or he) is mysterious, often stylish or even glamorous. The witch makes others feel more magical and connected to one another. He or she often wears black but is a light, life-giving force. The witch feels connected to all living things, and longs to make the world beautiful and perfect. His or her outward love of luxury is simply a love of goodness in all things. The witch loves, nature, animals and soft things.


    Main boon: Wonde

    Special abilities include: Casting spells, divination, communication with animals

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Rose quartz

    An activity to develop your power: Write a letter to the universe asking for help to change something simple in your life (e.g. to stop biting your nails)

  • Healer


    The main task of the healer is to read symptoms and make something better. The healer is determined to do good, even if some ethical shortcuts must be taken along the way. The healer has no problem with lying, for example, or using the placebo effect, if it will help the patient. The healer is cheerful and good with people, but is at heart a loner likely to be found pouring over old herbals, material medica and ancient healing texts.


    Main boon: Crystal of Healing

    Special abilities include: Making potions, magical healing, enchantments

    Main location: Otherworld

    Gemstone: Clear quartz

    An activity to develop your power: Find out about one healing herb and use it to make a tea

  • Hedgewitch

    The hedgewitch is the village wise-man or wise-woman skilled in crafting remedies, charms, simple spells and balms. The hedgewitch is skilled at divination and can tell the future with tea leaves, pendulum dowsing and other techniques. The hedgewitch likes to live in simple, natural surroundings, often alone. He or she is a skilled craftsperson, likely to be found knitting, making jam or mending something. In ancient times the urban hedgewitch was sometimes known as a scryer.

    Main boon: Mending kit

    Special abilities include: Telling the future, protection magic, making charms

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Peridot

    An activity to develop your power: Knit a simple scarf that has a protection charm built into it.

  • Alchemist

    The key word for the alchemist is change. Alchemists are extremely skilled at changing one thing to another. They include great chefs and people who do magic by brewing things in cauldrons. Alchemists make good chemists, of course, but they can also become experimental musicians. Anyone who invents recipes or formulae is likely to be an alchemist.

    Main boon: Mixing stick or measuring spoon

    Special abilities include: Causing explosions, fire magic, transformational magic

    Main location: Otherworld

    Gemstone: Obsidian

    An activity to develop your power: Invent a new recipe and try it out on your family

  • Engineer

    Engineers create systems and make things work. Engineers are obsessed with taking things apart and putting them back together again. They are found in all professions – usually behind the scenes working with fundamental codes and designs. A writer who was an engineer would be very concerned with world-building, for example. Engineers also love making useful things that help their communities.

    Main boon: Magical tools of any sort – screwdriver, spanner, hammer

    Special abilities include: Constructive magic, bridging, magical codes

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Fluorite

    An activity to develop your power: Make your own crystal radio set

  • Composer

    The composer will construct something original from nothing. They can be musical geniuses, of course, but they might compose anything from great art to great novels. The keyword here is originality. While the engineer is concerned with now things work, the composer is concerned with making things new. These can be very single-minded people, who devote their whole lives to their composition.

    Main boon: Any magical pencil

    Special abilities include: Elemental magic, conjuring, creation of magical apertures

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Blue topaz

    An activity to develop your power: Create something completely original on your own.

  • Bard

    Bards are natural performers who perform or create stories that represent the values of the Otherworld. These are archetypal stories of heroes and journeys and battles, and the great tragedies. Bards are natural storytellers who are interested in character, intrigue, romance, symbols, language. They are users and inventors of language, creating new words and ways of recording things about the world. Their world is joyful and adventurous, although they are often more likely to adventure in their own minds than in real life.

    Main boon: Any magical pen

    Special abilities include: Acts of creation, perfomative magic, magic of suggestion

    Main location: Otherworld

    Gemstone: Garnet

    An activity to develop your power: Write a story that includes a word you have invented

  • Elysian

    The elysian is a pleasure-seeker and a pleasure-giver, ruled by beauty, comfort and joy. The elysian is a true aesthete, concerned with the sensory effect of the things around him or her. Inclined to over-indulge, the elysian nevertheless makes a wonderful friend or partner. They throw amazing parties and live in beautiful locations. The elysian usually has a keen sense of smell. Many of them become perfumers or fashion designers. They also sometimes become commercial artists or writers or work in Hollywood.

    Main boon: Any magical mirror

    Special abilities include: Scent magic, transformational magic, seduction magic

    Main location: Otherworld

    Gemstone: Moonstone

    An activity to develop your power: Make a scrapbook of things you find very beautiful

  • Explorer

    An explorer loves to travel more than anything else. They seek new things – not just places, but experiences, people, things. Explorers are drawn to knowledge but have a hard time focusing because their mind, like their spirit, likes to wander. However, if they do actually finish a book or course of study it makes a huge impression on them. Explorers are very exciting people to be around, because they are always discovering something new.

    Main boon: Magical compass

    Special abilities include: Navigation, discovery magic, magical flight

    Main location: Otherworld

    Gemstone: Jade (also known as greenstone)

    An activity to develop your power: Plan an exploration of your local area. Take a map and supplies. See what you find.

  • Interpreter

    This is the person who is most skilled at reading and can, if they choose, speak and understand many languages. Interpreters can see what is often called the ‘hidden’ meaning in things, and can usually crack codes and solve puzzles. They can read symbols, interpret great artworks and pieces of music. Interpreters are also often very good at ball games, because they can read the flight of a ball.

    Main boon: Caduceus

    Special abilities include: Interpretative magic, spell-casting, divination

    Main location: Between worlds

    Gemstone: Emerald

    An activity to develop your power: Learn how to read and write one new language or secret code

  • Scholar

    Scholars are people who find and create new knowledge. They love to study everything that is known about a subject. A scholar always finds out all the facts about the situation he or she is in and then makes theories or predictions about what might happen next. Scholars love reading and finding things out.


    Main boon: Spectacles of knowledge

    Special abilities include: Magical research, fact-finding, casting written spells (adept or above)

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Hematite

    An activity to develop your power: Go to a part of the library you have never been to before and see what you can learn.

  • Guide

    A guide is a leader able to delegate tasks, make decisions and inspire people. The guide might become a schoolteacher, but could equally develop into a world leader or an innovative manager. Guides love to share any knowledge they have about any situations. Although they can sometimes seem bossy, they are always only trying to help. Guides are naturally generous people, who devote their lives to helping others achieve great things.

    Main boon: Any magical bracelet

    Special abilities include: Inspirational magic, transmission, teaching

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Amethyst

    An activity to develop your power: Volunteer to organise something that will help a friend or your community.

  • Cleric

    The cleric is concerned with spiritual matters and reading spiritual texts. At higher levels, he or she will be able to change things with prayer. The cleric is skilled at meditation and connecting with the secret parts of the universe inaccessible to less spiritual seekers. The cleric’s emphasis is on wisdom, although this tends to be from books and spiritual journeys rather than experience in the world. The cleric is good at listening to people’s problems and giving wise advice.

    Main boon: Rosary or prayer mat

    Special abilities include: Candle magic, transformational prayer, spiritual travel

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Lapis lazuli

    An activity to develop your power: Visit a spiritual place and take part in a ritual (for example you could go to a church and light a candle)

  • Druid

    The druid loves to spend as much time as possible in the natural world, with plants and animals and spirits. The druid doesn’t care much for modern civilisation and is much happier sleeping on a mountainside looking at the stars than in a five-star hotel. The druid is earthy and neutral, and rarely takes sides in any argument. They are protectors of the environment around them, although they understand that ecosystems are very complex.

    Main boon: Drum

    Special abilities include: Rune magic, spirit journeys, animal magic, tree magic

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Yellow jasper

    An activity to develop your power: Camp outside for one night.

  • Warrior


    Warriors are very physical people who like to engage in any kind of physically protective role or healthy competition. They can be extremely sporty. A true warrior is extremely brave and loyal. They often have to battle with things – but this could be, say, fire – many firefighters are warriors. They can also become professional athletes. Warriors despise violence for its own sake, but will always fight for what they believe in, or to protect the weak.


    Main boon: Any magical sword

    Special abilities include: Magical protection, magical attacks, strategy

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Bloodstone

    An activity to develop your power: Start a programme of exercise, e.g. running.

  • Hunter

    The hunter is usually a loner who searches for hidden or lost things, for meaning, for those secrets or rare truths from which we might all benefit. The hunter is the person to whom we turn when we want to solve a mystery. If we can find him or her, that is! Usually the hunter is already engaged on his or her own deeply secret and important mission. The hunter might be busy finding him or herself or finding the latest great work of art or literature (hunters make excellent curators and literary editors).

    Main boon: Bow and arrows

    Special abilities include: Stealth, location magic, tracking

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Red jasper

    An activity to develop your power: Find a mystery in your school or local area and try to solve it.

  • Trickster

    The trickster is a force for disruption and change. You never quite know what a trickster is going to do next, but you can be sure it will be interesting! They love to tell risqué jokes and wear outrageous clothes. They often say what others are thinking. They are daring and extrovert. An unhealthy trickster will cause chaos wherever they go, but a healthy trickster is fun, full of joy and always quite surprising. Tricksters are also chameleons who can blend in anywhere if they have to. They make great actors and celebrities but can turn their hand to anything.

    Main boon: Stick or staff

    Special abilities include: Taking on the abilities of others, shape-shifting, sleight-of-hand

    Main location: Realworld

    Gemstone: Carnelian

    An activity to develop your power: Pretend to be someone else for the day

  • Hero


    A hero is brave and true, with the ability to complete adventures and grow as a result. Heroes will always protect others, and will never shy away from danger or difficult situations. A hero feels compelled to go on journeys, and often travels to strange other lands and dimensions. There, he or she will find great boons or knowledge to share with his or her friends or community. The true hero must develop deep meditation skills in order to attract lifeforce from the universe.


    Main boon: Any magical sword or ring

    Special abilities include: Magical travel, story-magic, magical adaptation

    Main location: Otherworld

    Gemstone: Any sapphire (especially rubies) or aventurine.

    An activity to develop your power: Learn to meditate.