school resource packs

Here you can download two schools resource packs based on the world of Dragon’s Green.

The first pack provides material for four individual hour-long cross-curricular KS2 lessons to get children excited about the magic of reading. It also covers cross-curricular activities such as PSHE, literacy and art &design.  

The second pack includes material for five individual hour-long KS2 lessons that can take place during literacy lessons or as extra-curricular activities. It is suitable for children aged 9-12 years and has a literacy focus, but also covers other areas of the curriculum including Drama, Speaking & Listening.

Either pack can be delivered in sequence as a small scheme of work or broken up into isolated lessons. They are suitable for children aged 9–12 years but can be adapted for any age or ability.

Download the packs now! [6.7MB PDFs - zipped]