The Characters


From the pupils of the Tusitala School for the Gifted, Troubled and Strange, to the extremely powerful and dangerous Diberi, there are some strange characters that inhabit Dragon’s Green . . .


Euphemia Sixten Bookend Truelove (known as Effie)

Age: 11

Effie is brave and a little hot-headed, but always ready to stand up for her friends. She loves reading books and going on adventures.


Maximilian Underwood

Age: 11

Maximilian is a very studious boy who lives with his mother in a bungalow. He loves solving problems and finding things out.


Wolf Reed

Age: 11

Wolf is a natural athlete, and plays for his school rugby team and tennis team. He is brave and strong but when will he stand up to his cruel uncle?


Alexa Bottle (known as Lexy)

Age: 11

Lexy is very helpful and loves assisting others – particularly if they are ill or injured. She’s good with herbs and any kind of potion.


Raven Wilde

Age: 12

Raven’s mother is a famous novelist who loves throwing parties, but Raven is happier casting spells and spending time with the animals in her garden.


Leonard Levar

Age: Over 300

Leonard Levar is the owner of an antiquarian bookshop. He collects rare books but never seems to sell any of them. What is he up to?